Confined Space Drone Inspection
Inspect Safely, Frequently, and Thoroughly

Collect high quality visual and thermal data that can be inspected and analyzed in complete safety

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Detect defects early in the maintenance cycle, lower downtime, and increase the life of mission critical assets.

Operate assets at maximum efficiency and productivity while lowering cost by increasing frequency of inspections.
Take on operational challenges in confined spaces and meet end goals of all stakeholders with unique, tailored solutions.
Inspecting inside silos used to present a huge challenge. With Hovrtek, we are able to safely and quickly identify hard to locate defects that are deep inside the silo.
Project Manager, National Dairy Corporation
From aerial data collection (visual and thermal data) to processing (indexing of shots and cataloging of anomalies), Hovrtek provides a total confined space drone inspection solution, resulting in rapid time to value for our clients.

Aerial Cinematography


Digital Inspections

Visual Inspection (RGB)
Thermal Inspections

Data Analysis Anytime

Visual Data Warehouse
Easy To Access Data

Get the drone flying in minutes!

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High-resolution confined space images and thermal data, collected in a methodical manner, to document the detailed condition of tanks, boilers, vessels, silos, among others, and create digital inspection records (point clouds, 3D models).

Safely fly into inaccessible and confined areas and carry out remote visual inspection, collect visual and thermal data, spot defects early, reduce asset downtime, and save on expensive repair down the road.

Comprehensive measuring and annotating report that provides a detailed historical digital record of conditions over an asset's lifespan that can be referred to at any given time for data-drive decision making.
What Is In It For You?
Determine exact location of every defect, raise positional accuracy, and improve maintenance process.
Enable remote collection of visual inspection data and analyze the data from the comfort of the office.
Raise asset availability through a proactive approach to maintenance planning and documentation.
Establish high quality, efficient maintenance workflow with frequent, thorough checks.

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