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Set up your drone program with Hovrtek drones and pilots.  We will acquire the data and imagery that will ensure the availability of a robust data feed for your platform.

Hovrtek drone operators are insured, FAA licensed, and hold all the necessary permits to get the job done safely and legally.

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Progress monitoring with drones

Drone Program areas

Accelerate tracking of construction site activity for your clients. Get the timely updates your clients need for better and more coordinated decision making. Be it a virtual walkthrough or a 3D model or something else, with the dense, rich drone data you need right at hand, you are off to a rapid start.


    Ensure Ready to Access Data

    Access data on multiple platforms and give project stakeholders valuable flexibility in viewing and analyzing up-to-date information on a site.

    Integrate Across Applications

    Process drone imagery to generate 3D surfaces, contour lines, surface features, 3D models, site progressions, point clouds, and more.

    Get Accurate Information

    Obtain accurate, consistent information that your clients can consistently rely on to generate status reports and make appropriate decisions.

    Stay Compliant with Regulations

    Ensure safety and compliance with federal and safety regulations including the FAA, OSHA implications, and various insurance requirements.


    services provided

    Scale your business with cost-effective drone services (images, video, and data) and add agility and speed to your business.


      Drone Mapping

      Fly drone missions to create maps and point clouds, discover hidden job-site issues, and stay on schedule.

      Drone Construction Monitoring

      Track construction progress and inventory through accurate, timely, and trustworthy aerial data.


      who we fly with

      We are running customized drone programs for some of the top construction technology leaders.


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