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Get detail-rich aerial photos to make informed and actionable decisions. Fast, insightful, and easy drone roof inspection on-demand.

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Inspect more roofs in less time, free up your team, boost productivity and revenue.

Safely and affordably evaluate leaks, rooftop conditions, and new installations.
Easily collect valuable data for quick analysis and readily actionable decisions.
Hovrtek helped me accelerate the pace of roof inspections for customers and deliver results without having to increase team size. I appreciate their expertise, diligence, and professionalism!
VP Commercial, national roofing and restoration
Aerial photo of buildings in Portland, Oregon
From aerial data collection (images) to processing (indexing of shots and cataloging of anomalies), Hovrtek provides a total drone roof inspection solution, resulting in rapid time to value for our clients.

Aerial Cinematography


Aerial Roof Inspections

Visual Inspection (RGB)
Thermal Inspections

Data Analysis Anytime

Visual Data Warehouse
Easy To Access Data

Get the drone flying in minutes!

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High-resolution roof images, collected in a methodical manner, to document the exterior condition of both commercial and residential roof structures within just 48 hours.

Get a clear visual representation of the extent of damage when detecting moisture in a roof system. Thermal (infrared) roof, facade, and building envelope aerial inspections detect unseen or visible water/moisture damage on roofs

Comprehensive measuring and annotating report that cuts through the complexity -- square footage, coping cap lengths, eaves, rakes, ridges, hips, pitches, and more -- without overwhelming you with details.
What Is In It For You?
Work more efficiently by investing your time in revenue generating activities and raise profitability.
Increase the number of estimates and claims per day by releasing your team from inspection tasks.
Inspect the roof for hidden issues before stepping on it, especially on dangerous roofs.
Free up your roof inspection team and labor hours for keeping your customers happy.

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