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Quickly reach hard to access areas, capture high resolution images of the facade, analyze conditions from the comfort of your office, and identify remediation steps that may be required.

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Exponentially reduce inspection time for vertical structures, both single and multiple facades, every side.

Inspect with confidence, get the exact images needed, capture the best data, and begin immediate processing.
Take on operational challenges in facade inspection, and meet end goals of all stakeholders with unique solutions.
Working with Hovrtek, I have been able to significantly streamline the facade inspection process while stepping up planning and decision making.
Operations Manager, Property Management Firm
From aerial data collection (visual and thermal data) to processing (indexing of shots and cataloging of anomalies), Hovrtek provides a total drone facade inspection solution, resulting in rapid time to value for our clients.

Aerial Cinematography


Aerial Facade Inspections

Visual Inspection (RGB)
Thermal Inspections

Data Analysis Anytime

Visual Data Warehouse
Easy To Access Data

Get the drone flying in minutes!

Expect the report in a day!

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High-resolution facade images and thermal data, collected in a methodical manner, to document the exterior condition of facade structures, and automate and improve façade inspection quality.

Get a clear visual representation of the extent of damage when analyzing defects and failure points in the facade. Thermal (infrared) roof, facade, and building envelope aerial inspections detect unseen damages or coding compliance issues.

Comprehensive measuring and annotating report that cuts through the complexity to navigate complete walls, create annotations and notes, and enable local law filings.
What Is In It For You?
Objectively detect potential issues and minimize the risk of compromised facades.
Conduct ongoing surveillance of any degradation for maintenance forecasting and planning.
Identify deficiencies and raise safety for building occupants and users through a proactive approach.
Run facade inspections at scale, get 100% facade coverage, reduce time spent, and obtain rich insight.

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