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Get fast, insightful drone property inspections from an objective 3rd party with only your interests in mind. Detail-rich aerial photos to make informed & actionable decisions, cut costs, and raise efficiencies across your portfolio.

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Obtain aerial inspections for properties, rooftops, equipment, facades, and more.
Safely, affordably, and objectively evaluate structural conditions, detect costly issues.
Easily collect valuable data for quick analysis and smarter actionable decisions.
With the Hovrtek team's help, I was able to monitor properties efficiently in a scalable way and lower my operating costs and risks. Actionable decision making has become simpler.
General Manager, Property Management Firm
Aerial photo of buildings in Portland, Oregon
From aerial data collection (images) to processing (indexing of shots and cataloging of anomalies), Hovrtek provides a total drone property inspections solution, resulting in rapid time to value for our clients

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Data Analysis Anytime

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High-resolution images, collected in a methodical manner, to document the exterior condition of properties, from parking lots, pavements and landscaping to rooftops and facades, HVAC systems, and building exteriors and more.

Comprehensive measuring and annotating report that cuts through the complexity -- square footage, coping cap lengths, eaves, rakes, ridges, hips, pitches, and more -- without overwhelming you with details.
Digitize your entire portfolio of properties in one place. This provides a readily accessible baseline of recently installed roofs or a new portfolio acquisition. Leverage the digitized property assets to boost speed and coverage of property maintenance and repair.
What Is In It For You?
Objectively assess future property risk, avoid costly repairs, and potentially hazardous conditions.
Document building issues and create aerial images and maps in advance of any insurance claims
Conduct ongoing surveillance of any degradation for maintenance forecasting and planning.
Identify deficiencies and raise safety for building occupants and users through a proactive approach.
Operate property inspections at scale, reduce time spent on assessment, and obtain rich insight.
Determine ideal placement of solar panels or telecom towers by mapping rooftops before panel installs.
Enhance marketing using video footage and aerial views to provide a fresh perspective on the property.
Save money by catching property defects early and comprehensively, and make decisions at scale.

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