See the big picture

Survey, track, map, and manage your construction site with Hovrtek drone maps, 3D models, and photos.  We acquire and process key data and imagery that allows stakeholders and project managers to make informed decisions concerning their projects.

Hovrtek drone operators are insured, FAA licensed, and hold all the necessary permits to get the job done safely and legally.

Submit realistic bids and estimates with accurate visual site documentation.

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Progress monitoring with drones

Allocation of drone use in construction

Risk mitigation

Bid process

Quality control

Site planning

Progress tracking

“Drone imagery and data collection allows for more precise information, faster decisions, and a safer job site than putting feet on the ground, and much less expensive than hiring a helicopter. ”


Drone Construction areas

Transform your construction projects with the power of drones. Take advantage of construction drone services that capture aerial imagery from a variety of angles and distances and move your project to the next level. Leverage fast scheduling and rapid turnaround to impart greater agility.


    Showcase your Project

    Communicate your project story from start to finish with an exciting array of drone photos and videos and highlight successes from many perspectives

    Monitor Project Progress

    Capture project progress snapshots through recurring aerial drone photos and videos taken on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis

    Collect Construction Data

    Collect detailed project data from up close and from a distance for progress tracking and to present project details to all

    Communicate with Stakeholders

    Paint the picture of the project and its progress through visual imagery that creates a powerful impact for marketing

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