Drone Inspections for Roofing Companies

As a virtual extension of your roof inspection team, we will help you accelerate your pace of roof inspections while freeing up your team's valuable time for customer facing activities that increase revenue and deliver more customer value. Our drones will be flying in minutes and the detailed report will reach you in 48 hours that you can use for internal planning or to present to your customer. Safely evaluate roof conditions without having to step on the roof and get a clear assessment of risk. The data for quick analysis and actionable decisions will always be close at hand.

Aerial photo of buildings in Portland, Oregon

Drone Inspections for Property Management

Get an objective third-party assessment of your valuable property assets from a partner who has your interests in mind always. Safely evaluate structural conditions and detect potential issues well before they become real problems. Carry out ongoing surveillance of your properties and structures for carrying out proactive preventive maintenance. Visually document any issues for any potential insurance claims. Step up the marketing of your property through breathtaking footage that demonstrates the value of your property in full perspective. The data for analysis and decisions will always be close at hand.

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drone photo of Montgomery Park

Drone Facade Inspection For Property Management

Speed up and streamline drone facade inspection and step up safety while ensuring fast, efficient operations for single and multiple facades, covering all sides of the building. Identify defects and failure points and discover unseen damages and coding violations with 100% facade coverage, while proactively conducting ongoing surveillance to minimize risk.

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