Drones For Construction | The Disruption

According to a recent study, the construction industry has been dealing with lot of inefficiency in the past. It has been slower than many other sectors in embracing new digital technologies. But that is finally changing. Disruption is happening in the construction sector and drones are leading the charge. Companies building and managing large infrastructure projects including roads, railroads, bridges, … Read More

Drone Property Inspections for Digital Transformation

There used to be a time when the only way to examine roofs was to send an inspector on the roof to manually scrutinize the surface and detect flaws. This was clearly a time-consuming and safety challenged way of doing it. Today with drones, digital transformation has arrived in the property management industry by enabling inspections at scale through automated … Read More

Drone Video Marketing: Innovation at Hand for Marketers

Digital marketing calls for content that takes less time for the visitor to consume while creating more impact. Videos first and photographs next meet this need nicely, create a great first impression, and make the brand memorable. Video’s benefits from a digital marketing standpoint include: Attracting the target audience on social media through unique content and lifting engagement metrics like … Read More

Drone Property Inspections: Transforming Property Maintenance

aerial photo of industrial building

Property managers have always relied on proactive and predictive maintenance to look at trends and patterns and identify lurking maintenance problems early.But predictive maintenance needs data and lots of it. In the past, getting the data has taken too much time, cost too much, and has been too unsafe. No longer. With aerial data capture through drone property inspections, the … Read More