Current FAA Regulations for Recreational Drone Pilots

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Do you fly drones for fun?  If so, keep reading to find out current and future rules and regulations that will affect how and where you can fly.

If you currently do not have your Part 107 and want to fly drones for fun, here is a quick summery of the current rules.  We'll get to what's in the works in a bit. 

  • Although currently it is not required for recreational drone pilots be certified through the FAA, there will be a point in the near future where all pilots will be required to pass an online safety test and carry proof of passing at all times while flying.  The test is currently in development.

  • Recreational pilots are required to register their drones with FAA, can not fly for any commercial reason, and follow the FAA's rules for Model Aircraft.  This includes things such as keeping your drone with in line of sight, not flying above 400 ft. AGL, and not flying your drone directly over groups of people, events, other aircraft, and emergency response activities, or natural disaster recovery efforts.   

  • Recreational pilots can no longer fly under  5-mile rule and must only fly in "Class G" or uncontrolled airspace, unless you meet one of the following exceptions: 
    1. You have LAANC approval to operate in controlled airspace.

    2.  You are flying at one of the FAA approved recreational flyer fixed sites, which are limited to specific altitudes based on specific location.   See the spreadsheet here.

Recreational Drone Flying Aeronautical Test In Development

On December 9th 2019 The FAA announced the organizations selected to advise in the development test administration requirements for the recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems aeronautical knowledge and safety test.   Simply put, if you're a recreational drone pilot there is a high likelyhood that you will need to pass an aeronautical knowledge test and carry proof whenever you are flying your drone. 

The test andministration requirements and process developmenent is going to be advised by following companies chosen by the FAA listed below:

Lates FAA press release:

FAA Ruling:

FAA Recreational Pilots Home:

We will be updating this article as further develpments become known.



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