Drone Video Marketing: Innovation at Hand for Marketers

Digital marketing calls for content that takes less time for the visitor to consume while creating more impact. Videos first and photographs next meet this need nicely, create a great first impression, and make the brand memorable.

Video’s benefits from a digital marketing standpoint include:

  • Attracting the target audience on social media through unique content and lifting engagement metrics like clicks, likes, shares, and so on.
  • Improved search visibility and ranking through shares that generate backlinks and increased session durations that signal valuable content.
  • Raising website user experience through unique and engaging content that informs, educates, and entertains the visitor.
  • Provide engaging content for search and display ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and the like that capture the attention of the user.

Video has long established itself as the best performing content type on websites, social media and more. Bringing more innovation into video will always be helpful and that is where drone aerial videos come in. Drone videography adds an entirely new perspective to marketing a property or a new construction or any initiative that has an extended physical presence. It provides a unique and engaging way to produce video footage that can become a vital asset in a digital marketing campaign and deliver those engagement metrics that marketers crave from.

Drones make aerial shots a lot simpler and of higher quality - while also making them available at a competitive price point. Drones are providing new ways for brands to tell stories about their products, services, and events by creating compelling shots that complement footage captured with traditional camera systems.

Drones can enhance nearly any project with flying maneuvers that create the best visuals. Shooting video with drones enables shots and angles that were not practical or viable in the past. The ability to create high-definition footage from any angle, while moving in any direction, opens many new possibilities. Drone videos enable sequences that are nearly impossible to achieve through more conventional video recording techniques including takeoffs, landings, flyovers, 360-degree shots, tilts, and more — and help generate differentiated content that sets the marketer apart.

Modern unmanned drones are equipped with software, cameras, and sensors that capture high-resolution, professional-quality video both while flying high in the sky and closer to ground. Exciting footage can be created at lower elevations that make for enthralling user experiences. The power lies in combining elevated and ground proximal shots that add new possibilities.

Drones can get close to the action and into vantage points that would be difficult or risky with a conventional photographer while enabling photographs and videos at the same time. These will require excellent drone flying skills, but the results could be dramatic. Aerial or close-up footage can provide great content for marketing materials and raise perceived value to bring in more leads and customers.

Here are some drone video marketing use cases.

Property Marketing
Drone aerial photography from a variety of angles and views as well as videography that creates detailed virtual tours is transforming how property developers are marketing their properties. The combination of up-close, detailed views with broad, expansive views that show the scope and depth of the property makes for valuable content that can transform the property website.

Real Estate Marketing
Realtors can display the scale and layout of the property to interested buyers, with a good view of the general location, and bolster the effect with aerial shots of the property.

Tourism Marketing
Drone video can provide a birds’ eye view of beautiful landscapes and showcase scenic landscapes in their natural splendor and motivate tourists to sign up to visit.

Event Marketing
Event managers can offer a new perspective to would-be event sponsors as well as attendees by capturing the full event look and experience from end to end.

Marketing today requires innovation to get the attention of the target audience. Drone video marketing provides the solution with drone aerial videos and photographs providing an exciting means to deliver this innovation.